Friday, June 1, 2012

First post

After several years of resistance against blogging (I've nothing interesting to tell / it's a fashion, it will pass away...) I finally started one, considering it may be a good way to keep track of thoughts, tries, interesting things in a unique and reachable from anywhere location.

Inspired by prestigious bloggers as Maitre Eolas, Zythom, the dailyWTF, the Standblog and many more, here I am with this first pathetic post.

I don't really know what I will blog about; probably notes about :
  • things I've seen or heard somewhere (in the street, on the radio, while surfing on the internet...) and that surprised / interested / irritated me...
  • technology I work with on my daily JEE IT project manager job
  • photographs, as this one :

A Blue sheep group in front of the BONN city hall (18 May 2012)

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